Car Club and Bike Share Accreditation

Bike Share Accreditation

Carplus Bikeplus is currently creating an accreditation scheme for bike share operators which provides assurance to local authorities on an agreed set of standards expected by operators when providing services.  This will form part of the membership package available to operators and suppliers who currently run or wish to run schemes in the UK.  There is a consultation process taking place and the final details will be published in March 2017.  Please contact for more details.

Car Club Accreditation

The car club accreditation scheme has been set up for the benefit of public bodies, and it was designed with their input. The aim is to provide a tool for organisations that helps to assess operators when deciding who should be invited to submit proposals, supported or chosen for a contract.

Types of accreditation

There are two standards of accreditation available, full and basic, both of which are available on a provisional and location specific basis.

Who will use it?

The scheme is valuable for local authorities who are increasingly supporting car clubs with funding and provision of on-street parking. Planning authorities requesting car club provision in a development as well as public transport operators working on joint promotions and discounts will also benefit from the system.

Who needs it?

Car club operators benefit from using the accreditation logo in their marketing, but with a charge for administering each approval, not all clubs will want to apply for accreditation. This does not mean they are not bona fide clubs. Indeed many smaller community based clubs will not face the situations where accreditation is needed, although some will find it useful to prove and to have proof that they meet other minimum standards such as safety and service standards.

Accredited operators

Full Accreditation (large operators):

Full Accreditation (small operators):

Basic Accreditation:

Provisional Accreditation

Applying for accreditation

If you wish to apply, please download the accreditation criteria and relevant application form. If you have any queries about the accreditation process or the costs of accreditation, please contact Carplus.

Accreditation Criteria Download PDF

Basic Standard Application Form Download PDF | Download Word document

Full Accreditation Application Form Download PDF | Download Word document

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