Developing Car Clubs England Programme

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Carplus provides support and technical advice to a number of projects across England, funded by the Department for Transport.

In 2014 the Department of Transport awarded Carplus £500,000 to develop and expand car clubs in England. An additional £1.8 million was awarded in 2015 to increase the size of the project and trial shared electric bike schemes.

The fund has helped launch, expand or develop schemes across England, from village car clubs to integrating car club travel into complex metropolitan transport systems.

Follow the progress of the projects as they reach significant milestones.

Developing Car Clubs England Programme Projects

Harbury Energy Initiative Electric Car Club


Harbury is a village in Warwickshire, in the West Midlands, to the East of Leamington Spa and Warwick. The Harbury Energy Initiave was formed in 2010 to help the village use energy better – working with residents and also public buildings to conserve energy and also, more   Read more »»

Co-cars South West Consortium

Co-cars launch2 12 June 2015

The South West Car Club Consortium, headed up by Co-cars, is expanding and consolidating access to car club vehicles across a number of small town and rural locations in Devon and Dorset. The project will increase the number of locations and streamline the car clubs,   Read more »»

Derwent Valley

Derwent Valley in Consett Magazine

Derwent Valley Car Club was formed in June 2013. It was set up with a National Lottery grant which allowed the car club to purchase a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle, three electric bikes and a set of photovoltaic cells. These solar panels were installed on   Read more »»

Norfolk Car Club

Baroness Kramer car club funding 3

Norfolk Car Club was awarded £100,000, through the Developing Car Clubs in England Demonstration Project, to expand the club in both Norwich and across Norfolk. The funding is to enable the purchase of 6 brand new Volkswagen UP!’s by the end of March 2015 to   Read more »»

Nottingham City Council Car Club

Launch of Car Club.

Nottingham is a major city, with a leading transport hub and a population of approximately 310,000 people. In November 2014, the City Council was awarded £37.5K as part of the Developing Car Clubs England Programme to help further develop Nottingham’s integrated transport network. Nottingham City Council, in partnership   Read more »»

Frome Town Council Car Club


Frome is a Market Town with a population of 27,000 people in Somerset, South West England. There is a strong sense of community in the town. Sustainability is high on the agenda and over 500 people have joined Sustainable Frome. There are also pockets of   Read more »»

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