Shared bicycles are increasingly becoming a key part of the transport framework for many local authorities alongside public transport and car share clubs.


Bikeplus is the new representative body for UK bike share. Although bike share schemes are operated by the private sector, the public sector and some cases large employers and community groups, are responsible for many aspects of development. Bikeplus aims to support these groups to get the most out of this process.

Bikeplus roles can be summarised into three key functions:

  1. Collect data to provide evidence of for the benefits of bike share schemes
  1. Collecting and sharing information on:
    1. statistics on bike shares status in UK
    2. good practice for setting up successful schemes
    3. developments overseas
  1. Development of pioneering projects to ensure the social and environmental benefits are maximised and evenly spread

For further information see our bike share page.

If you are interested in keeping in touch with bikeplus developments please email antonia(at)

Public Bike Share Users Survey Results 2016


Bike share is developing rapidly in the UK. The Bikeplus Public Bike Share User Survey is the first national research into how people are using bike share schemes. It looks at the impact of these schemes on attracting people to cycling, the health and wellbeing   Read more »»

Societal Benefits of Bike Share

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  Download here Statistics on the contribution to eight key policy areas The benefits of bike share have been recognised in the following evidence and research: Health & Wellbeing 68% of users had not cycled for their current trips prior to the launch of Dublinbikes   Read more »»

Models of Bike Share


From on-street docking stations to workplace bike pools A variety of creative ways to provide shared access to bikes are emerging across the world for communities of all sizes. These include: Traditional on-street docking station bike hire Bike share lockers Rail station Bike Share Smart   Read more »»

Procurement guidance: Successful Bike Share Scheme Development


  Download here The new Bikeplus guide to Successful Bike Share Scheme Development takes all the best experience from the UK and overseas covering all aspects of procurement and scheme implementation. Local authorities can find information on management models, funding sources, design specification and mobilisation. Following   Read more »»

How Bike Share Supports Access to Work, Skills, Education or Training


Bike share offers a pay-as-you-go, reliable, flexible A to B, transport solution which complements public transport and improves health and well-being.  Bike share supports access to work, training and education in the following ways: Download here Job creation: By directly creating jobs in operational and   Read more »»

Factors for successful bike share schemes

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  Download here How is success measured? Success can be defined in different ways but in this case we see it as being: Sufficient utilisation to cover operating costs alongside additional advertising revenue, and Good customer satisfaction levels. It is also important to know that   Read more »»